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Our mission. Our movement.

Why we exist

SoVM was founded on the belief that self-expression and community have the power to change minds.

  • We bring together creators and mental health advocates to share their creativity and lived experiences
  • We empower mental health pioneers to realize their missions
    in the world
  • We mobilize advocates to spark meaningful change

Together we can shatter stigma, create actionable awareness, and make every mind feel less alone. Join us.

We are a community of minds affected by mental health conditions.

We know mental health conditions because we live with them every day.

We exist because no one deserves to be marginalized by society’s attitudes any longer.

We believe every single human mind has extraordinary potential, with zero exceptions.

We believe that self-expression is stronger than stigma.

We will not rest until every person realizes the value of their own mind.

We are the Society of Valued Minds.